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11/1516/300 X 50 Meter STRONG GRIP Mesh (Pagar Cyclone)

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11/1516/300 X 50 Meter STRONG GRIP Mesh (Pagar Cyclone)
11/1516/300 X 50 Meter STRONG GRIP Mesh (Pagar Cyclone)

Line wires are continuous in length and made from high tensile wire. The stay wires (vertical) are made from medium tensile wire and continuous in length. They combine with the knots and tension curves to create overall rigidity and elasticity. The knots are made from low tensile wire and can hold between 60-90kg per knot. The load of any impact will spread and dissipate over the full fence height and for some distance on either side.

Product SKU: CM101-111516300
Size (length*width*height): 40cm x 40cm x 150cm
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  • 1) Strength - Super strong Griplock knot that eliminates the risk of the vertical wires slipping.


2) Durability - Able to withstand extreme vermin pressure.

1 Rolls of Mesh

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